About Our Work

IRLI provides programmes and projects in developing countries which are designed to enhance the provision and protection of human rights, democracy and good governance and the promotion of the rule of law. Our programmes are responsive to local needs. IRLI works with local partners and through alliances to achieve its objectives. IRLI’s partners include government agencies, members of the legal profession, members of the judiciary, bar associations, legal academics and civil society groups in the countries in which we operate.

Community Sensitisation in Dedza, 2018.

IRLI develops and implements collaborative, needs-driven access to justice projects which prioritise the following areas:

  • Human rights;
  • Legal education;
  • Professional training;
  • Judicial training;
  • Legislative reforms.

Community Sensitisation in Lilongwe, 2020.

In addition to stand alone projects, IRLI further seeks to:

  • Build capacity among members of the legal profession on the island of Ireland to ensure that they are best placed to assist in the provision of pro bono legal advice and assistance to support IRLI’s projects;
  • Facilitate opportunities for Irish lawyers to use their skills overseas through voluntary placements or participating in training workshops;
  • Draw together a network of engaged lawyers who have contributed or wish to contribute to the use of the law as a tool for international development;
  • Promote awareness and learning on how the law and lawyers can support progress in developing countries through meetings, events and publications.