Irish Rule of Law International


Irish Rule of Law International is a project-orientated, non-profit, rule-of-law initiative established by the Law Society of Ireland and the Bar Council of Ireland in 2007. The Law Society of Northern Ireland and the Bar of Northern Ireland joined as partners in 2015. IRLI is now an all-Ireland body supported by members of both branches of the legal profession throughout the island of Ireland.


The Rule of Law and Development Aid

IRLI originated in recognition of the increased emphasis placed on rule of law in development aid and in response to the number of requests for assistance received by Ireland involving the rule of law. We believe that members of the Irish legal profession have a significant role to play in enhancing the rule of law and shaping the progress of fragile societies.


International Collaboration for Human Rights

The organisation has collaborated with academics, judges, legal practitioners, policymakers and civil society around the world to advance collective knowledge of the relationship between rule of law, democracy, sustained economic development and human rights.


Pro-Bono Pledge

IRLI is proud to support the pro-bono pledge and firmly believes that members of the legal profession are uniquely placed to ensure access to justice through the provision of pro-bono legal services. IRLI is grateful for all the pro-bono assistance it has received since its founding and is looking forward to further partnerships with solicitors and barristers who have joined the pledge. 

Irish Rule of Law International Sign in Malawi