An Afghan Judge talks about her escape from her home country after the return to power of the Taliban

Our guest this month is an Afghan judge, who was forced to flee her home country after the Taliban retook Afghanistan in 2021.

Our guest managed to escape Afghanistan with her family, following huge efforts by the International Association of Women Judges. In her early thirties and now in Ireland, when she lived in Afghanistan, she worked at the Violence Against Women Court – a court established during the country’s democratic rule. She talks about the legal cases she engaged with then, often including members of the Taliban. She also talks about the current situation in Afghanistan for women and girls.

To protect her identity and to ensure the safety of her family in Afghanistan, we have not used her name.


Presented and produced by Evelyn McClafferty.
With thanks to our donors: Irish Aid, principally, and solicitors working in the Republic of Ireland, who - when applying for the renewal of their practicing certificates – have made a voluntary contribution to IRLI.
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International Association of Women Judges

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