Maud Sarliève talks about the proposed international crime of ecocide

Our guest on Horsehair Wigs this month is Maud Sarliève, Human Rights and International Criminal Lawyer advocating for creative legal thinking to mitigate climate change and protect the environment. Maud explains ecocide, a newly proposed international crime.

Maud has travelled and worked internationally, on UN backed tribunals, for the United Nations office on Drugs and Crime and for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, among others. In this interview with Maud, we discuss what the proposed international crime of Ecocide is all about. And we talk to Maud about her current role advising the Office of the Prosecutor General in Ukraine on the investigation and prosecution of war crimes impacting the environment.


Presented and produced by Evelyn McClafferty.
With thanks to our donors: Irish Aid.
Note: The views and opinions expressed in this episode do not necessarily represent those of IRLI or Irish Aid.



United Nations office on Drugs and Crime

UN High Commissioner for Refugees

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