“Changing State Behaviour: Can International Law Deter Further Aggression in Ukraine?”

We’re delighted to be co-hosting, along with The Azure Forum for Contemporary Security Strategy, a roundtable online discussion this week, on Thursday – “Changing State Behaviour: Can International Law Deter Further Aggression in Ukraine?”

Roundtable Changing State Behaviour, Can International Law Deter Further Aggresssion in Ukraine

Professor Ray Murphy of NUI Galway School of Law and Jennifer Trahan of New York University will be the speakers, and the event will be moderated by our Executive Director, Aonghus Kelly.


To register: https://lnkd.in/dykGyA74 
Thursday 31 March 2022
12:30-13:30 (Irish Standard Time)


We would like to invite you to participate in the next Azure Forum high-level expert roundtable on “Changing State Behaviour: Can International Law Deter Further Aggression in Ukraine?” on Thursday 31 March 2022 at 12:30-13:30 (Irish Standard Time). This roundtable will be hosted in partnership with the Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI) in order to examine the intersection of security and rule of law questions.
Expert discussants will address international law mechanisms that are now at the forefront of efforts to counteract the ongoing aggression against Ukraine with a view to bringing about a change in state behaviour. International law mechanisms such as the International Criminal Court; International Court of Justice; European Court of Human Rights; universal jurisdiction cases in domestic courts; and a putative international tribunal for the crime of aggression, will each be discussed. Some scholars even argue that additional concrete steps include ratification by more countries of the crime of aggression amendment to the Rome Statute (or the amended Rome Statute) and legislating for the crime in their domestic criminal codes.
From a geostrategic perspective, key questions include whether such laws can currently deter aggression. And why did they fail to do so in the first place? What are the likely next steps required to continue safeguarding the rules-based public international order from being further undermined when the outcome of the invasion of Ukraine is yet unclear?

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